Emergency Management


The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) directs the development, implementation, and maintenance of the College's emergency management program. OEM enables, promotes, and supports the College community in effectively preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies.

In addition to College-wide efforts, OEM is available to provide guidance for departments developing and improving their emergency plans.

Contact us: 972.881.5617 | emergencymanagement@collin.edu

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In case of an emergency: See something - Say something

  • Know the location of the nearest telephone and call 972.578.5555
  • Report all pertinent information and facts: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW.  At this point, the campus provost will manage the information flow.  Please treat the incident confidentially.
  • NOTIFY campus provost once emergency personnel or campus police have arrived and the immediate crisis is being managed.  

 College personnel must NEVER TRANSPORT individuals.  You may assist in securing transportation via emergency vehicle or family/friend of injured/ill person.



Preparedness - The continuous enhancement of readiness. Emergency preparedness includes planning, training, and the development of the emergency response teams.

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Response - The immediate life saving actions taken immediately before or during a crisis. Emergency response includes both warnings and notifications, and standard emergency procedures (SEP).

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Recovery - Emergency recovery activities associated with returning the scene to a pre-incident condition.