Modern Automotive Service & Repair Certificate Series

Collin College's Modern Automotive Service and Repair Certificate Series is designed to give you hands-on experience as it relates to how the modern automobile operates, diagnosis procedures, and service and repair procedures.

Upon successful completion of the entire course series, you will be able to operate modern scan tools, perform a multipoint vehicle inspection and be able to identify basic safety and maintenance concerns. You will learn how to service and repair modern automobiles at the entry level position, and you will move on to acquire hands-on experience to service and repair modern steering and suspension systems, and modern automobile braking systems.

To qualify for the certificate of completion, you must register and attend 100% of the following required courses:

  1. Introduction to Modern Automotive Repair and Safety
    • This module covers Lab and Shop safety, an overview of what tools you may need to service a vehicle, how to perform a proper multipoint inspection and identify problems, raise a vehicle with and without access to a lift, and use of scan tools and their capabilities.
  2. Introduction to Modern Automotive Electrical Systems
    • This module goes over basic automotive electrical systems, covering intro electrical theory, the main components of a vehicle's electrical system, tools needed for diagnosis, and how to read wiring diagrams so that you can understand how the electrical system in a vehicle works and can do basic diagnostics and repairs.
  3. Introduction to Modern Automotive Brake Systems
    • The final module covers automotive brake systems, familiarizing you with the different types, their components, and how to perform basic services and repairs on them.

All of these three sections will primarily be lab based, where you will perform inspections, diagnose issues, and perform basic services such as a brake pad change, oil change, and/or other introductory services to get hands on experience with the systems you will be studying.

Courses for the Modern Automotive Service and Repair Certificate Series are conveniently offered in a fast-track format at the Technical Campus' state-of-the-art automotive lab.

Class Safety Protocol

Students will be provided and must agree to the Automotive and Collision department policies and procedures to be able to participate in the courses on the first day of class. No jewelry allowed.

Required Materials

Students must supply and wear non-slip shoes during lab at all times. Basic Personal Protective Equipment will be supplied in class as part of the course fee. No uniform and no textbook required.

Other information

Classes meet in the Automotive Lab, Building D, Room D100. The closest parking to the lab is available from the north entrance on Bending Branch Way.

Courses may be taught manufacturer specific.

Suggested Prerequisites

None - these courses are open to the general student population.

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