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Digital Photography Certificate Series

Step into the creative realm of Digital Photography.  Begin by learning the many technical abilities now afforded using digital cameras and imaging software, including printing.  Survey the various aspects of this profession from lighting to photo essays and get a thorough grasp of what is involved in becoming a photographer.  Explore the business aspects of professional photography such as designing your marketing plan, finding the right gallery and the importance of networking. 

Complete the certificate series by taking five core and four additional elective courses.

Core Courses

Digital Photography Basics - dSLR Camera .
Digital Photography - Advanced Skills  .
Photoshop for Digital Photographers . . . -or-
Adobe Lightroom (Mac or PC)      . . .
Foundations in Photographic Style    .
Presenting and Marketing Your Photographs .

Elective Courses*

Architectural and Landscape Photography .
Building a Photography Business .
Fashion Photography .
Flash Photography .
Introduction to Astrophotography
Learning to See Creatively .
Night, Low Light .
Photographing Food and Jewelry .
Photographing High School Seniors .
Photographing People .
Street Photography 
Studio Lighting .
Wedding Photography .
*Choose four of the elective courses