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Child Development and Education

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General Information Lab Information for Courses

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TECA 1354 and EDUC 1300 do not require labs


All of our other Child Development & Education courses require
a 16 hour lab experience.  You can find the information on labs for the following in your Canvas course:  
EDUC 1301 and 2301
CDEC 1359, CDEC 2304, and TECA 1303

All other courses:
CDEC 1270, 1313, CDEC 1317, 1319, 1321
CDEC 2307, CDEC 2326, CDEC 1321, 1323
CDEC 2166, 2322, 2324, CDEC 2328, CDEC 2336
CDEC 1358, CDEC 2340, TECA 1311, TECA 1318

You will access the CDEC/TECA lab manual here:
End of Semester Teacher Evaluation
Lab Orientation Video