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Department of Early Childhood Education

The mission of the Early Childhood Education is to prepare professionals through study and practical experience to enhance the lives and education of children and families, and to promote change in early childhood education emphasizing a focus on respect for diversity, community, and advocacy for the industry.  

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Learning Outcomes  |  AAS Program Information  |  Certificates and OSA  |  NAEYC Accreditation Data

Program Learning Outcome 1: 
The student will advocate appropriately for children and families by developing an advocacy project.  

Program Learning Outcome 2: 
The student will be able to identify and analyze appropriate developmental and learning skills in young children including age-appropriate skills, materials, and interactions.  

Program Learning Outcome 3: 
The student will appropriately observe, document, and assess behavior and development in young children.  

Program Learning Outcome 4: 
The student will be able to evaluate and uphold ethical standards and other professional guidelines. 

AAS Program Information:
For information about the Associates of Applied Science (AAS) Early Childhood Educator degree program please refer to the college catalog and to the AAS Degree Plan information.

Certificates and OSA (Occupational Skills Awards):

Certificate Level 1 - Early Childhood Educator (0 - 8 Years)

Certificate Level 1 - Child Development Associate (CDA)

OSA - Early Childhood Administrator

OSA - Child Development Associate (CDA)

OSA - Special Educator (0 - 8 Years)

NAEYC Accreditation Data