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Health Science and Emergency Services

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department at Collin College educates and develops quality emergency medical professionals in the science and art of prehospital emergency medicine.  The department incorporates advanced technology, experienced instructors, and evidence-based practices within a culture that emphasizes integrity, accountability, and responsibility.  Proficient and patient-centered, Collin College EMS graduates enter the North Texas community prepared to meet the emergency needs of our neighbors.

NOTICE TO POTENTIAL STUDENTS – Effective January 1, 2022, all Collin College clinical affiliates now require the COVID 19 vaccine.  If you apply to our program, and you are not vaccinated, and do not plan on becoming vaccinated, we cannot guarantee program completion.  You may also be requested to provide a positive titer of your immunization is still effective.  Please understand this is not a policy of Collin College. This is a requirement of our clinical affiliates.  

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