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Industrial Automation


How are millions of mail packages sorted everyday? How are billions of potato chips and cans of soda packaged? How are thousands of cars assembled everyday?  How does billions of electronic chips in phones, laptops, tvs, and cars manufactured every week?

Industrial Automation is the answer.

Learn the skills to enter the world of automation with associate degree in Industrial Automation at Collin College. For under $7,000 in total cost of the program, with job growth of 13%, and average salary of $56,600*, this is the best two year investment. 

AAS Degree Plan (60 credit hours)

AAS Degree Course Sequence

Certificate Level 1 (34 credit hours)

Certificate Level 2 (44 credit hours)

Certificate Course Sequences

Cost of the program


Want to continue with your education for a Bachelor's Degree?

You can transfer this two-year AAS degree to BAAS (Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences) degree from local 4-year institutes. 

BAAS Degree Pathway UNT

BAAS Degree Pathway TAMUC

*Data for Collin County obtained from JobsEQ and O*Net. Average salary for occupation as of 2108 and job growth projected from 2019-2026