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Instrumental Ensembles & Degree Programs

Instrumental Music Ensembles, Certificate and Degree Programs

Check with individual directors for audition music and requirements. All Collin College ensembles are "Lab required" courses, meaning, they meet for three contact (aka rehearsal) hours per week and students earn one credit hour. Prerequisite for most ensembles is an Audition.

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The Music field of study (FOS) provides approved courses for music majors who intend to transfer to a college or university and further their musical studies. The curriculum offers the required music theory, ear training, keyboard skills, music literature, private applied study and ensemble participation that all music majors must complete during their freshman and sophomore years. Upon completion of the field of study curriculum, a certificate will be awarded to acknowledge completion and readiness to transition from an associate level to a baccalaureate (BA/BS) level, at any Texas public institution.

The college is also home to several ensembles and musical groups, allowing you to explore your abilities with other like-minded musicians in a comfortable setting. College facilities even provide a venue to share your talent with the world.

A Field of Study is a set of courses that will transfer and apply to a corresponding bachelor’s - level degree at a Texas college or university. Both the Field of Study and the Core Curriculum courses are transferrable for full academic credit to any public college or university in Texas. Students who complete the Field of Study block of courses will earn a certificate in that Field of Study.

Did you know that you can also earn an AA or AS degree in addition to the Field of Study certificate? Contact us today to learn more about how to develop an educational plan that is right for you. 

Participation in a large band concentrating on jazz and commercial music performance styles. Consisting of 16-21 instrumentalists and one vocalist, the band performs both traditional and contemporary jazz literature. A number of performances both on and off campus are given each semester.  Contact: Alex Heitlinger
The Collin College Wind Symphony focuses on the study and performance of traditional and contemporary symphonic wind band literature.  The ensemble is open to all Collin College students with performance experience in concert or marching band settings.  Basic instrumental proficiency is required.  Students participate in weekly rehearsals and perform on scheduled concerts.  No audition is required to enroll in the course, but the director will hear students individually for part assignments.  Students are encouraged to prepare a short solo or etude that demonstrates their strengths.  For more information.  Contact: Travis Smith
Performs experimental, avant garde, electronic, and contemporary music for mixed media ensemble including compositions by student composers. No Audition required at this time.  Contact: Christopher Morgan
Traditional piano literature for multiple performers and arrangements for electronic keyboard ensemble. Several performances each semester.  Contact: Dr. Brian Allison
A small ensemble (4-6) of musicians who serve as the rhythm selection for the Expressions Vocal Jazz ensemble. In addition to rehearsing and performing with Expressions, the combo also prepares its own arrangements and performs as an independent ensemble. Typical repertoire includes bebop, Latin, and fusion standards. This ensemble may have several performances each semester. This group may have an annual tour.  Contact: Kathy Morgan

This is a study and performance of traditional and contemporary symphonic harp ensemble literature. Students participate in weekly rehearsals and perform on scheduled concerts. Basic instrumental proficiency is required.  Contact: Dr. Garry Evans
A small group of guitarists performs traditional classical repertoire.  Contact Dr. Fernand Vera
A small group of string players performs traditional classical repertoire.  Contact Charles Andersen
Examples of small instrumental ensembles may include but are not limited to wind, string, percussion, piano, and mixed ensembles in various styles. Additionally, participation in a small jazz ensemble concentrating on jazz and commercial music performance styles. Ensemble consists of 4-9 instrumental / vocal members. Repertoire includes instrumental and vocal music typical of small jazz groups. A number of performances both on and off campus are given each semester.  Contact: Contact: Alex Heitlinger

Departmental Advising Contacts

Field of Study Music Majors • Dr. Fernand Vera •

Commercial Music Majors & Certificates • Prof. Michael Medina •

Instrumental and General Music Advising • Dr. Chris Morgan •

Vocal and General Music Advising • Prof. Kathy Morgan •


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