Additional Links

  •   Net Price Calculator - An excellent financial aid calculator published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

  •   Direct Lending Loan website - Once you have accepted a student loan on CougarWeb, the system will create an electronic loan application. The loan application will then be transmitted electronically to the Direct Lending platform. Once there, you will be notified via e-mail to log in to the site and complete the loan application including signing your master promissory note. 

      You will need your FAFSA ID in order to sign in.

      In addition, this website can provide answers regarding types of student loans, interest rates, repayment responsibilities, entrance counseling, exit counseling, consolidation, loan services and rights and responsibilities as a student and of the school.

  •   Entrance and Exit Counseling - All first time loan borrowers at Collin are required to complete
      entrance loan counseling.  All students who fall below half time and/or leave Collin are required to
      complete exit loan counseling.

      (All students receiving Stafford loans MUST be attending at least half time to be eligible for the

  •   Education Tax Credits - IRS Publication 970.   Tax Benefits for Education

  •   Selective Service - Men aged 18-25 are required to register with Selective Service.  Students who
      are required to register with the Selective Service must do so to be eligible for State Student Aid

Beyond High School


Click here to see a video that explains how to navigate the FAFSA. Especially designed to assist parents with the process.

Other Important Information

Income-Based Loan Repayment program or IBR

    On July 1, 2009, a major new student loan repayment option will become available for the
    first time. Income-Based Repayment (IBR) caps monthly federal loan payments at an  
   affordable level based on your income and family size, and forgives any debt and interest
    that  remains after 25 years.  If you owe more on your federal student loans than you earn
    in a year, you can probably benefit from IBR.  The lower your income, the lower your
    monthly  payment will be: in some cases, as low as $0.  IBR is available for almost all
    federal loans - past, present, or future - made by any lender, whether for college or
    graduate school.

    For more information, including a simple calculator to estimate monthly payments,
    please  visit

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