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Student Employee Coaching

Occasionally, general performance and behavioral issues may arise with student assistants and work study employees.  Coaching is used in non-disciplinary circumstances to document conversations with the student employee in which the supervisor provides constructive feedback for behavior or performance that has been discussed informally, but is still not meeting expectations.  Supervisors should follow the steps below if it becomes necessary to coach a student employee on performance or behavioral issues:
  1. Document the situation on the Student Employee Coaching Form and send the draft form to your campus HR Consultant for review.
  2. Upon return of the form from your HR Consultant, meet with the student employee to discuss the concerns, explain what the student must do to remedy the situation and present the student with the completed Student Employee Coaching Form.
  3. Have the student sign the form to acknowledge his or her receipt of the feedback and provide a signed copy to the student.
  4. Keep a copy of the coaching form in your supervisor file and send the original signed copy to your HR Consultant..

If the issues continue after the supervisor has documented the situation and followed the student coaching process above, and it becomes necessary to end the student's assignment prior to the end of the semester, you must contact your HR Consultant to obtain approval to terminate the employee.


*If you encounter a situation that you believe warrants immediate termination, please contact Human Resources immediately to discuss.