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LVN to RN Bridge Program

LVN-to-RN Program

LVN to RN Accelerated Program is only for current Licensed Vocational Nurses

Nursing Program Courses are offered at Central Park Campus (CPC) in McKinney. 

2022 Selection Criteria - Coming soon - Deadline to apply March 31, 2022

This is an accelerated program that assists you to advance your career from LVN to RN. The LVN's prepared to be RN through this program are prepared perform the following duties:

Registered nurses typically do the following:

  • Assess patients’ conditions
  • Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms
  • Observe patients and record the observations
  • Administer patients’ medicines and treatments
  • Set up plans for patients’ care or contribute information to existing plans
  • Consult and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Operate and monitor medical equipment
  • Help perform diagnostic tests and analyze the results
  • Teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses or injuries
  • Explain what to do at home after treatment

Most registered nurses work as part of a team with physicians and other healthcare specialists. Some registered nurses oversee licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants, and home health aides.


Students will need to plan to have all transcripts available to submit with the application. 

Satisfactory completion (grade of "C" or better) of the prerequisite courses required for admission:

  • Biology 2401 (Anatomy and Physiology I)
  • Biology 2402 (Anatomy and Physiology II)
  • Biology 2420 (Microbiology)
  • Cumulative GPA on the three prerequisite courses must be 2.5 or above.  

Because this program is an accelerated program applicants needs to have prerequisite courses completed (see Degree Plan) prior to the start date in Summer.

Applicants may have courses in progress when they apply. 


**Immunization records are NOT to be submitted at the time of application.  Accepted students will be provided instructions on how to submit immunization records. Since since some immunization are given over time, you are strongly encouraged to carefully review immunization requirements before submitting an application. 

Upon acceptance into the LVN to RN program, students are required to:

Purchase Liability insurance  - provided through the school (included in your tuition)
Purchase school-approved uniforms for clinical experiences.
Obtain current CPR certification (Healthcare Provider) must be from American Heart Association.
Have a completed Physical Form completed by your physician.
Complete all required immunizations and provide copies of immunization records.
Complete a TB (Tuberculosis) skin test and provide a copy of the results annually.
Agree to a criminal background check.
Complete drug screening at the student’s expense on a date specified by Dean of Nursing prior to the start of school.
Health Insurance documentation - All nursing students must provide documentation of having a health insurance policy.    

Per Credit Hour Tuition and Fee Charges by Residency, effective Fall, 2021**

Texas and Collin County Resident
Per Credit Hour Tuition - $55.00**
Per Credit Hour Student Activity Fee- $2.00
Total per credit hour charge - $57.00
Texas Resident, Outside Collin County
Per Credit Hour Tuition - $101.00**
Per Credit Hour Student Activity Fee - $2.00
Total per credit hour charge - $103.00
Per Credit Hour Tuition - $168.00**
Per Credit Hour Student Activity Fee - $2.00
Total per credit hour charge - $170.00

Tuition rates are subject to change by the Collin Board of Trustees, and the above per credit hour tuition for out-of-state/country rates do not include $200 minimum required by law or the $50 per credit cost for courses not eligible for state funding, such as three-time repeat courses, excess hour courses, and special university level math courses. 

The nursing student should anticipate other costs in addition to books, tuition and fees paid to the college for courses taken.  A few general additional fees include: 

For Nursing students:

  • Uniforms and/or lab coat (as applicable to the specific program)
  • Collin College Nursing Student I.D.
  • Liability insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$5,000,000 per aggregate
  • CPR
  • Skills packet or medical equipment (as applicable to specific program)
  • Drug testing
  • NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN Registration (as applicable to the specific program ), State Board of Nursing fee (as applicable to the specific program)
  • FBI fingerprints and background check
  • Health insurance
  • Physical exams
  • Immunizations
  • Online instructional resources

This list is not necessarily all inclusive and nursing students should contact the Collin College Nursing Division office for the most current pricing information.  Special fees and charges may be added as necessary and as approved by the Board of Trustees of Collin College.

Are you interested in the LVN-RN Bridge Program? 

·       Join us at 1:30 pm  (Sept 28, Oct 26)

·       Click here for ZOOM Meeting 

  • A laptop or desktop computer must be used to access the Information Session.

The next application deadline is March 31, 2022. 

CLICK HERE for the Summer 2022 Application.

Here are the current TEAS test dates for Collin College:

January 4, 6, 20 & 25

February 8, 10, 15, 16 & 17