Room Entry & Search

Collin College recognizes residents’ desires for privacy, particularly in the context of their group living situation, and will do all it can to protect and guarantee their privacy. However, Collin College through a Student Housing staff member, reserves the right to enter a resident’s room/apartment at any time for the following purposes:

  • To determine compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.
  • To provide cleaning, maintenance work, and/or pest control.
  • To conduct an inventory of Collin College property.
  • To silence unattended loud alarms or music.
  • If there is an indication of imminent danger to life, health, and/or property.
  • If there is a reasonable cause to believe that a violation of Collin College or housing regulations is occurring.
  • To search for missing Collin College property.

A room search by a designated Student Housing staff member is possible but rare. For such a search to take place, the conditions for room entry must exist. Permission for a room search is determined by the Director of Student Housing level and above. Items that violate Collin College or housing regulations will confiscated. A room search by law enforcement officials must be accomplished through the use of a valid search warrant or with the explicit consent of the resident.