Useful Links

Here at Student Housing we want to try and make things as convenient as possible for our residents. This page will have several links that current residents can utilize throughout their stay here.


Room Maintenance

Do you currently have an issue in your room that maintenance needs to address? Click the link below and choose the "Room Maintenance" option in the blue bar.

*If this is an emergency maintenance issue(flooding, toilet not working, AC/Heater out, etc.) then please call the office at 972.881.5151*


Maintenance Link


Community Report Form

There are times where residents will recognize an issue before the housing staff. To help both sides we have created our Community Report Form. Residents can anonymously report things that they see around the property that management may not be aware of. Whether it’s someone violating housing rules and/or student code of conduct, an exterior safety concern with a building/area, or someone violating Collin College’s COVID-19 policies, we want you to be able to tell us. Click the link below to report what you see!


Community Report Link


Overnight Guest Request Form

To make the process easier for our residents we have created an online Overnight Guest Request form that they can fill out right from their mobile device. This form will need to be completed by the resident requesting to have an overnight guest and then their room roommates, if any, will be automatically emailed for their approval as well..


Overnight Guest Link


Housing Probation Request Form

If you are requesting to be put on Student Housing Probation for your GPA not meeting the minimum requirement then you will need to fill out this form.


Housing Probation Request Link


Incoming Student Appeal Form

If you are requesting to be admitted into Student Housing because your incoming GPA is too low you will need to fill out this form.


Incoming Student Appeal Link


Current Resident Housing Appeal Form

This form is for any current resident that wishes to appeal a decision made by the Student Housing Department.


Current Resident Housing Appeal Form