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  • Who must take the TSI Assessment?
    Unless otherwise exempt or waived, all degree-seeking students registering at a Texas public college or university must take the TSI Assessment. 
  • Why is the Pre-Assessment Activity required before taking the TSI Assessment?
    This activity reiterates the importance of the TSI Assessment, provides information about options if the minimum passing standard is not met, and also includes a practice test and feedback immediately upon completion.  The Certificate of Completion for this activity is required to take the TSI Assessment. 
  • When do I have to take the TSI Assessment?
    The assessment must be taken prior to enrolling in your first semester at any Texas public institution of higher education. 
  • How do I register and pay for the TSI Assessment?
    All prospective students of Collin College have the opportunity to take the exam remotely or in-person. 
    Remote testing requires payment to Examity at time of scheduling. We will need to issue you a voucher to take the exam.
    To request your TSI voucher, click here
    n-person testing requires payment at the time of scheduling through our TSI webpage.
    To schedule your in-person TSI, click here
  • In-person testing may be scheduled at any of our campuses:

Plano Campus



Frisco Campus     



McKinney Campus       



 Technical Campus



Wylie Campus

Campus Commons



PLEASE NOTE:  Although the TSI Assessment is not a timed test, be prepared to be in the Testing Center for 3 to 5 hours for the complete assessment. 


  • What if only one portion of the TSI Assessment is needed?  If the student has met a partial exemption and only needs to test a portion of the TSI Assessment to meet the state requirement, a Testing Referral Form may be obtained from an advisor for the needed portion.
  • Are calculators allowed for the TSI Assessment?
    No calculators are allowed to be brought in to the testing room.  A calculator is provided within the testing program, as appropriate.
  • What happens if I do not pass all three sections of the TSI Assessment?
    Student who initially fail to be placed at college level on a portion of the TSI cannot take a college-level course in the failed subject area until they complete the required developmental courses and/or retest. Dual credit students are not permitted to take developmental courses while in a high school program.

For questions about the Pre-Assessment Activity or the TSI Assessment, contact the Director of Testing at 972-548-6773 or email