Full-time Faculty/Staff/Administrators Personal Leave Benefits

Personal Leave Accrual Rate for Full-time Employees

3 day/year = 24 hours/year

This is a fiscal year annual accrual rate; there is no monthly accrual rate for Personal Leave.

  • Twenty-four hours Personal Leave is available each September 1st to all full-time, benefits-eligible employees, including employees still in their 90-day probationary period.
  • Personal Days cannot be carried forward into the next fiscal year.
  • Personal Leave is not payable at termination of employment or retirement.


The number of personal days provided for new full-time employees during their first academic year will be prorated based on their hire date as follows:

Hire Month

# of Personal Days for Academic Year

 Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec


 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr


 May, Jun, Jul, Aug


If you need more information or have questions, contact Collin College HR at the Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC): Christina Canales at 972-599-3164 or Mae Francis at 972-548-6659.