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What is the difference between a continuing education (noncredit) course and a credit course?

Why should I take continuing education courses?

What are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Will I receive a certificate once I complete my course?

What are linked courses?

Are there any prerequisites for continuing education courses?

Is financial aid available?

Which Collin College campus locations offer continuing education courses ?


Q: What is the difference between a continuing education (noncredit) course and a credit course?

  • Credit courses are generally taken as part of a degree program and provide college credits
  • Noncredit (continuing education) courses provide a purposeful and systematic process of acquiring and recording lifetime learning for individuals who are not enrolled in a formally structured curriculum
  • Noncredit courses provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Some courses may last only a couple of hours and others may meet over several weeks.

Q: Why should I take continuing education courses?

  • Increase your knowledge and skillset, either to help you on the job or for your personal enrichment
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which are recorded on a continuing education transcript
  • Prepare to take an industry-recognized certificate exam
  • Courses are offered throughout the county at a variety of sites depending on the types of courses and availability of facilities

Q: What are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

  • CEUs record satisfactory completion of certain approved occupationally-related programs
  • CEUs are awarded for successful course completion
  • One CEU is awarded for each ten (10) contact hours of instruction included in a specified continuing education program or activity
  • Successful completion is attendance-based, unless otherwise noted with "Passed Competencies" under "CEUs earned"
  • Ninety percent attendance is required for successful completion
  • These units are recognized nationally

Q: Will I receive a certificate once I complete my course?

  • Certificates are awarded upon completion of certificate series only, but are not offered for individual courses
  • Official school transcripts record Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Official school transcripts may be requested by calling 972-985-3721 or online:

Q: What are linked courses?

Continuing education works closely with credit programs to offer linked course enrollment in select credit courses. Space is limited and courses are not available every semester.
  • Linked courses are taught by credit professors

  • Continuing education students are expected to attend class regularly and complete all assignments, tests, and other deliverables for the course

  • Linked noncredit students earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) rather than semester credit hours for the course

  • Refunds are based on the Continuing Education Department refund policy

  • If a student would prefer to receive semester credit hours for a linked course, the student must enroll through the credit registration process rather than through continuing education. 

Q: Are there any prerequisites for continuing education courses?

  • If a continuing education course requires a prerequisite, it will be specified
  • Prerequisites are stated to ensure students have the prior knowledge and skills needed to get the most out of the course and to be successful in that course
  • It is recommended that students talk to a continuing education staff member if there are any questions 

Q: Is financial aid available?

  • Details and application can be found on our CE Financial Aid Page.  Please give 6 weeks to process, so apply early.  Our online system does not recognize funds awarded so please call our staff at 972.985.3711 to enroll

Q: Which Collin College campus locations offer continuing education courses ?


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