Medical Coding Certificate Series

Effective Fall of 2022, Medical Coding courses have changed.   

If you need assistance with planning your course schedule, please contact us at

*Some classes include the cost of textbooks in the course.  Register early to make sure your books are received on time.  These books are mailed to registered students by AAPC. 

Resources for HITT1005, MDCA1009, HITT2030, and HPRS2021 are accessed for 12 months for a one-time fee of $179.99 through Cengage Unlimited (not included in tuition).  An optional 24-month subscription is available for students that plan on completing both Medical Billing and Medical Coding certificates for $239.99 (not included in tuition).


Core Courses

Courses need to be taken in the following order.
Term 1
Course Name: Medical Terminology
Course Number: HITT 1005
Hours: 48
Fee: $429
Course Number: MDCA 1009
Hours: 48
Fee: $429
Course Name: Diagnostic Coding*
Course Number: HITT1041
Hours: 48
Fee: $779*
The $779 fee above includes $469.94 in resources to save students from purchasing at the retail rate.  See the table below for cost savings.
Resources  Discounted   Retail
CPC Workbook & Textbook  $109.95  $129.95
Textbook Bundle (CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM   $209.99  $359.99
AAPC Online Access Fee  $150.00  $800
Total  $469.94  $1,289.94
Schedule Options
Course Name: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
Course Number: HITT2030
Hours: 48
Fee: $429
Term 2
Course Name: Procedure Coding*
Course Number: HITT2046
Hours: 48
Fee: $449* (Uses textbook and access code from Diagnostic Coding HITT1041)
Course Name: Medical Law and Ethics for Health Professionals
Course Number: HPRS2021
Hours: 48
Fee: $429
Schedule Options
Term 3
Course Name: Coding Applications - Capstone*
Course Number: HITT2045
Hours: 48
Fee: $649
The fee above includes Practicode CPC-A Practicum Access Code valued at $219.00
Textbooks and AAPC online access fee used in this course already purchased in HITT1041

Textbook Information

Some classes include the cost of the textbook in the tuition.  Register early to make sure you receive your books on time.  All other classes will require an access code which can be purchased on the first day of class.  


Other Information

Students must receive a passing grade on all quizzes, tests, and assignments as well as attend 90% of each course to pass competency and be eligible for a certificate.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of all required classes, please email with the name of the completed certificate series and your current mailing address.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.
Employment Opportunities
Job Titles
Medical Coder
Professional Coder
Medical Records Coder
Coding Specialist
Insurance Specialist
Medical Claims Auditor
Job Locations
Physician offices
Insurance companies
Billing companies
Federal Government / Medicare
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