Nitrous Oxide Course and Exam

The Nitrous Oxide course and exam are designed to prepare the dental auxiliary to obtain certification in nitrous oxide monitoring as mandated by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE).

Course Outcomes

  • Learn Texas Jurisprudence relating to Nitrous Oxide
  • Discuss and recognize management of medical emergencies
  • Review sedation in pediatric dentistry
  • Learn about social use and abuse of nitrous oxide
  • Complete the Nitrous Oxide Sedation Monitoring Exam

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Materials available in class

Course Information

Course Number: DENT 5275
Fee: $149
Hours: 8
Other Information
Please see the TSBDE Nitrous Oxide webpage for their requirements for this certification.  To apply for the certification, please fill out the online TSBDE Dental Assistant Application Form and choose Nitrous Monitoring.  There is an application fee of approximately $25.00.


Required materials

882-E Scantron for exam
Pen/pencil to take notes

Scrubs are not required for class.