Medical Scribe

A medical scribe works in a healthcare facility, helping to improve accuracy and efficiency in the recording of a patients' medical history. They do this through documenting the physician-patient interaction, taking notes during patient interviews, entering information into the Electronic Medical Record, and writing notes that the physician has dictated. The goal is to ensure that the doctor can focus on the treatment of the patient, rather than on clerical work.  The average wage for a Medical Scribe is approximately $14 per hour. 

Courses in the Certificate Series

Course Name: Medical Terminology
Course Number: HITT 1005
Hours: 48
Fee: $429
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Course Name: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Course Number: MDCA 1009
Hours: 48
Fee: $325
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Course Name: Medical Law and Ethics for Health Professionals
Course Number: HPRS 2021
Hours: 48
Fee: $429
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Course Name: Medical Front Office
Course Number: MDCA 1021
Hours: 60
Fee: $399
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Other Information

Hours: 204

Courses may be taken in any order. 
Textbooks are required for all courses, see individual course syllabi for book information.

Upon completion of all courses, email to request your certificate.

Employment Opportunities
Job Titles

  • Medical Scribe

Job Locations

  • Hospitals
  • Physician Offices
  • Urgent Care Center

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