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To bring the Dignity Initiative’s vision to pass, we must all commit to putting three calls to action - Stand up! Speak out! Act Now! – to work in our daily lives when we witness violence towards and oppression of women.  To that end, the Dignity Initiative challenges you to watch the dignity initiative video and take the following pledge:



I, _____, pledge to:

-       Step Up and support women who are the victims of violence and who are being bullied, abused or harmed

-       Speak Out and use my voice against the mistreatment, oppression and limiting representations of women

-       Act Now to prevent/stop the violence and oppression of women

To indicate that you stand with the Dignity Initiative against the oppression of women, please download and sign a pledge card.

 Please visit our resource page for information on implementing these action steps in your life.





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The Dignity Initiative Video-Take the Pledge


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