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AAS Construction Management

Build Your Future with a Career in Construction Management!  

Collin College’s Construction Management programs prepare students to fill the unprecedented demand for construction managers across a wide range of residential and commercial building industries.  

Key topics covered in the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) program include management of people and processes, building methods and materials, blueprint reading, OSHA safety regulations, hazard awareness and prevention, project scheduling and estimating, business communications, and field surveying. Collin College's Construction Management programs teach students the interdependence of all construction activities working together safely and efficiently.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Construction Managment program continues to build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the AAS degree and adds marketable skills in management principles, building structural behavior, project safety, and risk management. Learn more about Collin College's *NEW! BAS Construction Management program! 

Learn more about the Construction Management field in this video Careers in Construction Management

Construction Management Tasks:Construction meeting

  • Coordinate construction project activities per plans and specifications to stay on-time and on-budget
  • Interpret construction plans and documents
  • Prepare project timelines and budget estimates
  • Communicate project or contract terms between owners, customers, contractors and building officials 
  • Direct and supervise construction trades work

Key Skills and Abilities of a Construction Manager:

  • Maintaining exceptional control over safety, quality, time and money 
  • Motivating, developing and directing people as they work
  • Active listening and social perceptiveness
  • Managing the time of others and your own
  • Complex problem-solving and decision-making
  • Oral, written and technical communication skills


Collin College's Construction Management program has applied for accreditation from the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).  The ACCE requires students to achieve 13 specific Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) through the associate level degree:

  1.  Apply effective communication, both orally and in writing.
  2.  Apply the skills to estimate quantities and costs for the bidding process in a construction project.
  3.  Apply  the aptitude to schedule a basic construction project.
  4.  Apply current technology related to the construction process.
  5.  Apply the interpretation of construction documents (contracts, specifications and drawings) used in managing a construction project.
  6.  Apply basic principles of construction accounting.
  7.  Apply basic surveying techniques used in building layout.
  8.  Understand basic principles of ethics in the construction industry.
  9.  Understand the fundamentals of contracts, codes and regulations that govern a construction project.
  10.  Understand basic construction methods, materials and equipment.
  11.  Understand basic safety hazards on a construction site and standard prevention measures.
  12.  Understand the basic principles of structural design.
  13.  Understand the basic principles of mechnanical, electrical and piping systems.

For more about ACCE and Student Learning Outcomes, please see ACCE Student Learning Outcomes.

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