IV Therapy

This IV Therapy course is designed for RNs, LVNs, Paramedics, and other advanced level licensed healthcare professionals who are interested in learning or refreshing their IV therapy skills.  All eligible candidates must have IV therapy within their medical scope of practice. This course will provide basic theory and techniques of venipuncture, intravenous (IV) infusions, and blood drawing from IV lines.  Additionally, basic information regarding venous system physiology, fluid, electrolytes, blood, blood products, total parenteral nutrition, lipids, and complications of IV therapy will be covered.

Students will complete a 16-hour hybrid course that includes 8 hours of online learning material, 8 hours of instructor lead hands-on training in our clinical lab, and a skills checkoff examination.  Lab supplies are included in the cost of tuition. Please note that online course assignments must be fully completed prior to the clinical lab day.

A Pre-Admissions application, an active RN, LVN, Paramedic, or other advanced level healthcare license, a signed skills performance waiver, and an active BLS card is required for admission. 

A certificate of completion is awarded upon successful completion of the entire course.


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Course Outcomes

  • Explain the indications and rationales for IV therapy
  • Discussion of cultural beliefs regarding IV therapy
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities in IV therapy administration
  • Discuss risk management and patient care with infusion therapy
  • Provide an overview of patient care as related to IV therapy
  • Discussion of circulatory and lymphatic systems and veins used in IV therapy
  • Identify proximity of nerves to veins for IV Therapy
  • Discuss functions of electrolyte and fluid balances
  • Discuss asepsis, chain of infections, and sterile technique
  • Explain universal precautions and OSHA
  • Identify types of IV administration sets, needles, IV solutions, and devices for regulation of IV administration
  • Provide an overview of dosage calculations
  • Identify methods of administering IV fluids
  • Practice, and perform hands on IV insertion techniques
  • Discussion of the complications of IV therapy
  • Discuss principles of medication administration
  • Explain pharmacokinetics related to IV therapy
  • Discuss total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Identify incompatibilities of fluids and medications
  • Explain safety considerations
  • Discuss and review orders for IV therapy
  • Perform patient assessments 
  • Discuss, and identify equipment, patient preparation, selection of suitable sites, and initiation of the IV infusion therapy
  • Review care, assessment, maintenance and discontinuation of IV therapy
  • End of course skills examination

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IV Therapy - RNSG 1003


$254 (plus small liability fee)


No textbook is required for this course.