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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

 Collin College provides confidential and voluntary assistance through its employee assistance program (EAP) to full-time employees and their household members who may be faced with  a variety of personal and work-related challenges such as:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Marital, family, parenting, adolescent issues
  • Financial Planning, budgeting, retirement planning
  • Childcare arrangements during school holiday breaks
  • Plannings for the holidays/coping with holiday stress/anxiety
  • Symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Locating child care, elder care, caterers, contractors, pet care

We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable benefit, available 24/7.

Additional Resources:

The end of the year can be difficult for all of us. Below are some resources as we navigate the November & December, together.

The holiday season is a time for celebrations, gift giving, and reconnecting with family and friends. But the season can also bring with it added stress due to high expectations to have that perfect holiday. Your EAP can help you make the holidays your own.

The Deer Oaks website contains articles on holiday planning, healthy holiday eating, and holiday safety, tools for stress management and relaxation,  and help with finding gifts, party essentials, and making holiday travel plans.

Pet Care - Pets add so much to our lives. For many of us, pets are an important part of the family. Your EAP can help with a variety of useful tools for pet owners - as well as those considering pet ownership - such as location assistance for kennels, obedience training, and dog walkers. Some of the special features and informational resources include: pet finder service, pet sitter location service, adoption & selection, being an advocate, caring for pets, encouraging good behavior, nutrition, pet transportation, safety.

Coping with COVID-19

COVID-19 Resiliency Guide

Take the High Road - receipts must be sumitted within 60 days from the date of service.

Your Employee Assistance Program brings you eight (8) sessions per service type per year for full-time employees and your household members.

When on their page, click on MEMBER LOGIN and enter the ID & Password. Our dedicated User ID & Password is collin.

All lower case; username and password are now case sensitive.

For an overview of what your EAP can provide, please click here for a brief 15-minute video.

EAP Services

When needing to access the EAP, you can call them at (866) 327-2400, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or you can log into their website and click on 'EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM' on the menu on the top of the page.

  • Counselors are available to meet with employees or family members to assess a problem and develop a plan for resolution.
  • Counselors may suggest a referral to an outside resource that would be appropriate to assist in resolving the problem or situation.
  • Counselors will make every effort to coordinate referrals for ongoing treatment with the employee's health insurance coverage as well as with his/her ability to pay.
  • There is no charge for employees and household members to use EAP services.

Absence Reporting

Employees seeking services during working hours will need to enter the time missed through our time and attendance reporting system. Employees can utilize any available time off such as sick leave, personal leave, and vacation leave (if applicable). 

Employee Newsletters

Below are newsletters published by Deer Oaks on various topics.


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Supervisor Corner

Supervisors can find information on what is available through Deer Oaks by accessing a few tools that are available to you. Below are newsletters available for your use.


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Archived Newsletters

Online Resources

With this information, you can access their online resources, newsletters and work/life balance resource videos. Additional information can be found topics such as parenting, aging, personal balance, thriving (health tools, healthy eating, healthy recipes), working, living, even international information.

You can also find information specific to infant and toddler health, children's health, women's health, men's health, and senior health. The Working section offers great resources from an employment perspective on career development, career transition, training & development, workplace productivity and workplace safety.

You can also find newsletters on various topics for both employees and supervisors. These newsletter are archived for future use as well.

Savings Center

Deer Oaks also has a savings center where you can find discounts through their Perks At Work program. You will be asked to create a login through the Perks at Work website.

For this benefit, you will need to use your Collin email, but can add a personal email when you complete your profile.

Discounts are offered for items through Dell, Inc., Apple... on Movie tickets ! Go enjoy a night at the movies at up to 30% off! Employee pricing offers are available through Lenovo, Hertz, HP, FTD,, and more.

**Please keep in mind, Collin College cannot request information from the EAP without an individual's consent.**

For questions, contact your Benefits Team at (972) 599 - 3152.

Stay Healthy Cougar Family!!