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Courses are recommended for students who are close to meeting college readiness.
    > Reading & Writing scores of 940-944 and/or Essay 4 or less
Math scores of 930-949
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Developmental Education (DE) courses are designed to provide students with basic skills to achieve success in college-level courses and to pass the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) tests. 

DE includes courses in English as a Second Language, Developmental Mathematics and Integrated Reading/Writing courses. The instructional formats of DE courses vary and include computer-based, lecture, online, express, weekend, self-paced, and non-course based formats.

*Collin College has implemented Co-requisite DE Courses - a course format which allows you to enroll in credit Math, English and other credit courses immediately, when you also enroll in a developmental support course. 

Click here for Summer 2023 Co-requisite Course Schedule

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Developmental Education Courses and Contacts:

Developmental Mathematics

Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW)

English as a Second Language (ESL)