Department Services

Department Services

Reporting a Crime or Requesting Police Services

To report a crime or request Police services notify the campus police by dialing 5555 from any on campus telephone throughout the district. When dialing from a cell phone or other telephone dial 972-578-5555. All calls to the Collin College Police are answered by a trained communications operator. Calls are then dispatched to officers stationed at each campus. You will need to explain what campus you are at and what the emergency is. A Communications Operator will speak with you to obtain necessary details of the incident and a Police Officer will be dispatched to you.


Officers are stationed at each campus in the district and will:

  • take report
  • investigate emergencies and/or accidents
  • make lawful arrests of violators
  • issue citations when necessary
  • Students may also be referred to the Dean of Students for additional disciplinary actions. When calling in an emergency situation, remember to remain calm so that you can be clearly understood and Police assistance can reach you faster.

Obtaining Copies of Police Reports

For a copy of a Police report taken by Collin College Officers please contact the Police Department or the Chief of Police at the college. Copies are provided at no charge.


If at any time you feel unsafe walking to your vehicle day or night, contact Collin College Police and an Officer will be dispatched to your location to escort you to your vehicle.

Motorist Assistance

As a service to the community, the department is available to provide assistance with minor vehicle emergencies such as dead batteries. Contact Collin College Police Department and an Officer will be dispatched to your location.