Phlebotomy Technician

PLAB 1023 Phlebotomy 

  • Proper techniques/standard precautions for blood collection.
  • Skill development in procedures including (but not limited to): vacuum collection devices, syringes, capillary skin puncture, butterfly needles, blood culture, and specimen collection on
    adults, children, and infants.
  • Emphasis on infection prevention, patient identification, specimen labeling, quality assurance, specimen handling, processing, accessioning, professionalism, ethics, and medical terminology.

PLAB 1060 Clinical – Phlebotomy 

  • A health-related work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory and skills.
  • Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.
  • Clinical Program requirements must be met in order to participate in rotations (see program application for details).

HPRS-1001 Introduction to Health Professions 

  • Identify the roles of various health care professionals.
  • Outline state and national credentialing and licensing requirements.
  • Describe legal and ethical issues affecting the practice of health care professionals.
  • Give examples of professionalism.
  • Define the rights and responsibilities of health care professionals.

HPRS-2010 Basic Health Profession Skills II

  • Utilize advanced clinical skills.
  • Implement therapeutic communication techniques.
  • Demonstrate head-to-toe systems based physical assessment.
  • Apply critical thinking to problem solving.

The courses in the Phlebotomy Certificate are just a few of the many Linked courses available at Collin College. Taught by credit professors, Linked courses mix credit and non-credit (CE) students in the same learning environment, ensuring the same rigorous standards are met in your education. CE students earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) instead of college credits. CE students complete a quick admission process and follow CE tuition refund guidelines.


Steps to Enroll:

  • The Pre-Admission application for Phlebotomy is available on the Health Professions page. You will complete the application, and follow all other instructions as listed. After submitting the application, you will be contacted with enrollment instructions.

Course Information
Course Number: PLAB-1023
Course Hours: 80
Fee: $171
For schedule options, click here. 
Clinical Number: PLAB-1060
Course Hours: 48
Fee: $65
Insurance Liability: $5-$13 (non-refundable)
For schedule options, click here. 
Course Number: HPRS-1001
Course Hours: 32
Fee: $114
For schedule options, click here. 

Course Number: HPRS-2010
Course Hours: 48
Fee: $171
For schedule options, click here. 

Employment Opportunities
Job Titles
Phlebotomy Specialist
Laboratory Assistant
Job Locations
Physician offices
Blood donation centers
Plasma centers
Dialysis centers


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