Student Resources

Collin College Resources

- CougarAlert: When an emergency occurs, the CougarAlert system can send email, text messages and voice messages to students and employees in as little as 90 seconds.


- Tutoring - Anthony Peterson Center for Academic Assistance


- Mental Health Counseling Services - Collin College offers Mental Health Counseling Services and Resources to currently enrolled students


- Student Engagement - Student Engagement provides co-curricular civic, educational, leadership and social programs.


- Career Center - Collin College Career Centers are here to help you navigate your future.


- CougarCare - Collin College is pleased to offer a new benefit called CougarCare that makes medical and mental telehealth services available at no cost to credit students, adjunct faculty, and part-time staff employees. CougarCare 24/7 Telehealth FAQ


- Free Mobile Apps - Includes text to speech software, live transcribe, apps for organization etc.


- Collin College Academic & Personal Support - Here is a more comprehensive list of academic and personal support resources for students.

Tips for Parents

- Parent Guide


- Encourage your student to be a self-advocate. Be there as a source of support but know that the student is responsible for initiating and arranging accommodations services in college. 


- Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) - When a child turns 18 years old, all rights afforded to parents under FERPA transfer to the student. As a result, the student must give consent to share their education records and information with their parents. 


- Per FERPA, privacy of educational records are protected. If your student would like their ACCESS advisor to communicate with you, they can complete the consent to release information form.


- Encourage your student to be proactive and take advantage of resources available to all Collin College students; some examples include tutoring services (i.e., math lab, writing center), career center, counseling services and student engagement.