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Leave Benefits

Collin College full-time employees have the following types of leave benefits available to them:

Paid Leave



Requests for Reasonable Job-Related Accommodations

To begin the process to request a reasonable job-related accommodation, you will need two pieces of information.

1. Employee's request for the job-related accommodation  - Please submit your own request here.

2. Medical information from a treating physician (or medical provider) as it relates to the request. 

Once your request has been submitted and the medical information received, your request will be reviewed. Medical Inquiry forms may be faxed to (972) 599 - 3156, mailed to HR/Benefits (3452 Spur 399, Suite 339, McKinney, Texas 75069) emailed to ccanales@collin.edu. For questions, please contact the Benefits Manager at (972) 599 - 3164 or ccanales@collin.edu.

Sick Leave
All benefits-eligible staff, faculty and administrators earn sick leave at a rate of 8 hours per month.  Sick leave accrued on the last day of the month may be used as soon as the first day of the following month.   

Benefits-eligible staff and administrators receive their full annual vacation credit at the beginning of each fiscal year, or the prorated vacation credit upon hire.  The amount of vacation employees receive is based on length of service.  Credit vacation may be used before it is earned, with the exception of FMLA.  However, if benefits-eligible employment ends and an employee has used more vacation than he or she has earned, any used unearned vacation will be deducted from the final paycheck.       

For additional information about sick leave, vacation, or other leave benefits, visit the Benefits Leave Benefits page or contact the Benefits Team at benefits@collin.edu.

Leave Without Pay

Any other absences or granted leaves of absence will result in an appropriate deduction from pay or deduction from eligible leave balances, consistent with the College District’s procedures and guidelines for faculty and staff.

Up to five (5) days of leave without pay may be granted to an employee for extraordinary circumstances that cannot be addressed within the paid leave benefits provided by the college, in accordance with the college’s procedures and guidelines for faculty and staff.  In the event of extraordinary circumstances, requests for Leave Without Pay (LWOP) may be submitted to the employee’s supervisor then to HR for review and final approval.